Registerd Name: Masisizane Company  LTD

Trading Name:  Ikhayalethu Ireland

Masisizane Company Limited (Trading as Ikhayalethu) is registered with The Companies registration Office

The aim of the Organization is to respond to the needs of its members by offering funeral assistance to all its covered members during time of bereavement. The Organization will offer Emotional and Financial Support during difficult times.


As we all know that death is inevitable and it can happen to anyone, Ikhayalethu is there to encourage people to prepare themselves, so that they are not stranded when it happens. We are there to encourage members to save towards darker days.

It is hard enough to lose the loved ones, but it is harder when you do not have money and resources to arrange the funeral or even being there because of Finances. Ikhayalethu is there to make sure that does not happen, all you need to do is to make up your mind to join.

Ikhayalethu is designed to even assist those who may find it difficult to even travel to their home country to bury their loved ones, due to lack of finances to even buy the flight tickets.

To become a member of Ikhayalethu Ireland, you have to be residing in the republic of Ireland and meet all the requirements. After filling the membership form which you are required to return within six months, you pay your deposit and membership fee to Organization account

When you register, you receive a copy of the Constitution.

Membership is open to everyone who is from Southern African Region.



Provide financial & emotional support to members of Southern Africa during bereavement


To meet the Community at the point of their needs

To grow, learn & support one another

To be member driven & business focused



To act with honesty and dignity

To ensure that the needs of the community are met

To provide advise to the best of our ability

To be as efficient as possible


Ethel Soga is a South African national and she was born in the small  village called Ngcingane which is in Kentane District. She is the mother of three children and she went to Leslie Junior Secondary School.

Ms Soga moved to East London when she was only 16 years old for greener pastures after the birth of her son. She then moved to Johannesburg in1993 and then later moved to Ireland, Europe in 2007 where she currently lives with her family.

She came to reside in the Republic Of Ireland in January 2007 and she currently live with her family in Co. Dublin. Ethel Soga is a very active member of the community and she has been doing community work since 2013.

She founded an organisation called Masisizane Company LTD(which is currently trading as Ikhayalethu Ireland) The company  aims to encourage the community of Southern Africa to save towards the inevitable.

She works  very hard in promoting and making sure that the main objects of the organization is fulfilled. She participates in most of the Community events taking place in Ireland.  She has been Arranging Memorial Services for South Africans who died in Ireland and collect donation to assist them financially. As well as participating in raising Funds for Charity Organizations such as Irish cancer Society and orphanages in South Africa.

Ms Soga is now opening a new branch in South Africa which will focus on the same objectives as the one she runs in Ireland. The name of a new branch in South Africa is called Ikhayalethu Funeral Servises and is under the supervision of  Lelethu Ketani. 

See more information on the South African Branch

Ethel Soga, Founder

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